The Dream...

Is there anything more exhilarating than the view of soaring above the world? I was captivated the moment I first saw a video of a coastal fishing village in Thailand. The camera floated over, under, in and around the scenery in seemingly impossible ways. It was as if the camera really didn't exist - it was as if I, alone, were gliding through this foreign and beautiful land. I was amazed at how this could possibly be done. It filled me with the same overwhelming sense of joy and wonder as I had when I was a child.

It was cinematic. It was magical. It was a dream. I was inspired and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

It is through emotion that we connect with people, ideas, and experiences. It is our emotional connection, not logic, that guides what we value.

My mission is to help emotionally engage your audience with your product, your service...your passion.

The drone is a tool that captures images. But we are not simply capturing images. We are capturing emotion...

...the stuff of dreams.

-John Nugent, founder and lead UAV pilot